“I have lived at Heartsworth House Assisted Living for just over 10 years now. I am very active and it is important to me to have a good activity director. Wendy Wofford is not only good, she is a great one. We count on Wendy to keep our lives interesting and enjoyable. I have heard “laughter is good medicine” and that must be true because, at age 90, I am still able to participate in most activities and try to support Wendy’s efforts to keep us all engaged with a healthy social life. I appreciate that she does not waste our time with things we don’t like to do, and instead, finds out what we do like and builds a program around that. She does coax us into new activities now and again so that we do not get bored. To me, Wendy is just like family and that is important when my own family lives miles away and I don’t get to see them very often.”

~ Lelia D.

“It was a tough decision to move my mother from her home in Stillwater to Heartsworth House Assisted Living in Vinita so that she would be closer to me, but one that I have never regretted. Mom is 95 and she had a very active social life in Stillwater so the Activity Program at Heartsworth House helped us make up our minds about her making the move. Wendy Wofford is an asset to Heartsworth House and the residents she serves. Mom has never looked back nor wished she had stayed in Sillwater. She loves to play games, listen to music, sing, make crafts, exercise and she can still party with the best of them. I am thankful that Wendy has taken an interest in my mother and goes out of her way to make her life at Heartsworth House enjoyable. I cannot think of another person that would fit her position any better than Wendy does.”

“I would like to share my experience of having my mother live in all three of the Vinita Heartsworth facilities. When my dad passed, my mother began to have some difficulty making decisions while living alone, and a close neighbor had moved to Heartsworth Independent living that she visited regularly and Mom liked the secure arrangement.

After some discussion, Mom, my brothers, sisters, and I felt that she would feel more secure, while still enjoying her independence, if she moved into the Heartsworth Independent Living facility. We were able to move her buffet, dining table and chairs, all of her living room furniture and pictures, and her complete bedroom suite into the apartment, so that she felt like she was still at home. She was very happy living there, enjoying lots of family and guests dropping by to see her. Pam Wolfe is an outstanding administrator, as well as nurse on duty, and her presence completed the positive atmosphere. I visited my mother every morning and evening, and she was always happy and comfortable.

After living on the independent side for two years, my mother’s health declined to the point of needing help with her medicine, her meals, bathing, and dressing. After my having consulted Pam regularly throughout the two years, she recommended that it was time to move her to the assisted living side of the facility. We downsized her furniture, and moved a smaller dining table and chairs, her complete bedroom suite, and her comfortable chair, along with as many favorite pictures and knickknacks as we needed to make it continue to look like home. She had a lot of clothes, and the closet was large and accommodating for her. She had a small fridge for snacks and drinks, and thoroughly enjoyed hosting guests who would stop to see her often. She made fast friends with staff and other residents, while getting the one-on-one care that she needed. I continued to visit my mother at least once a day, and the staff was always cheerful and welcoming.

Mom had some more health issues, including some mini strokes, and she fell, hurt her head, and was in the hospital for two weeks. She was disoriented, couldn’t walk, nor feed herself, so the doctor prescribed six weeks of skilled nursing at the Heartsworth nursing home facility. She really wanted to go back to the assisted living apartment, but she was in the wheelchair for about six months, and could not feed herself, so the doctor would not release her to go back. She has lived in the nursing home for almost three and half years, and I continue to visit her every day. We have had a lot of ups and downs with her health, and she has been discouraged about her declining abilities, but she loves the nurses and staff, and I am pleased with her care. Megan, Wade, Jodi, and all of the nurses and staff greet me daily, update me on my mom’s condition, and are always comforting and understanding. They help make some difficult times easier to deal with. I don’t know how I would have survived the last several years without the outstanding people that have helped care for my mom. I have truly met and become close to some of the most loving and caring staff imaginable. As I write this with tears in my eyes, I have the greatest appreciation for the people who work and care with the elderly, and have as big a heart as these people do. They put her hair up just the way she likes it, they let her pick out her favorite dress and shoes, and they visit and respect her as a person. I have seen them pat her on the shoulder, hug her neck, and joke with her often.”

~ Jim Bible