Caring for the Caregiver

About 52 million people provide unpaid, informal care at home to a loved one aged 20 or older, although the number varies by study depending on the criteria used to define caregivers. Of those, 32 million—or 16 percent of the population—provide care for someone aged 50 or more. That’s a lot of people. And nearly... Read More

Preventing Hypertension

Take high blood pressure seriously. Chances are you know someone with high blood pressure, or hypertension, if you don’t have it yourself—it affects about one in four American adults. High blood pressure doesn’t sound very serious, but it can be a silent and deadly condition because you may not see any symptoms until you have... Read More

Choosing and using a walker

Choosing and learning to use a walker can be surprisingly difficult, but if you have trouble balancing or are at risk of falling, using a walker, even if only temporarily, can save you a lengthy, painful rehabilitation from a fall. Walkers, which can be purchased from a medical supply company, can come with four wheels,... Read More